Tipi Wedding Styling

I have been lucky enough to style so many tipi weddings over the past couple of years. I have learned a lot during this time about the vast difference in styling a tipi wedding compared to any other type of venue. 

I thought I would write here and share with you my top tips for tipi wedding styling. The advice is invaluable for anyone looking at having a tipi wedding and not knowing where to start. 

I have spoken a few times about styling tipis and how you need to utilise and fill the space wisely. It is incredibly different in both planning and styling aspects to any other type of wedding. So, with that in mind here are my top 5 tips for styling a tipi wedding.

Styling a tipi wedding
Tipi styling

Tipi Styling Tips

Visit A Tipi Showcase

Go to a tipi showcase. I have had so many couples who have booked a tipi wedding and then find it difficult to imagine the space after only seeing it once or in pictures. With the peaked hats and vast space to fill it can be daunting to think about how you would dress this. If you are familiar with the space, then attending an open day or tipi showcase will help you plan.

Tipi wedding event

Work With Professionals

Should your budget allow, then work with a stylist, especially one who has a lot of experience working in tipis. If they are experienced then they will know how to dress and fill the space. They will also be aware of the time frames for set up. Take a look through their portfolio to see the work they previously done. A tipi can be a big set up. You may not want to do this the day before or the morning of your wedding.

Tipi stylist Derby
Tipi styling Derbyshire

Think About Colour Scheme

Pick a colour scheme that works against the canvas. I have said this many times but a colour such as gold will just be lost against the colour of the tipis. White and pastels lift the space.

Decoration Considerations

If you hang anything then quantity is key. You need to think about how much you will need in each hat and also the logistics of how you will hang any items. A standard step ladder won’t be tall enough to reach the poles and if you hanging through the centre you will need to ensure that you can fix anything safely and securely. Take advice from your tipi provider and stylist on this one.

Tipi wedding styling

Light It Up

Use lights. It may be an additional cost but the fairy lights make the tipi – especially at night. People are blown away when they see a tipi lit up, and at night time there is something magical about the twinkling lights!

Tipi lighting
Tipi Wedding decorating

One Last styling Consideration...

My last piece of advice is to think about how you use your tables. The height of your centre pieces. Low to mid height work well, anything higher and your guests will find it difficult talking to each other through your floral arrangement. Another consideration is your catering – if you are having sharing platters then this will leave you with less space to place with on the table. Again take advice from your caterer on this one. 

Tipi wedding styling
Tipi table stying

A tipi wedding is generally a relaxed type of day but it does need planning – if you are interested in booking a consultation at the showcase please do let me know here.

Tara xx


Photos taken at the Sami Tipi Secret Garden Wedding Showcase