Christmas Party Planning

Here at Tickety Boo we are well and truly getting into the Christmas spirit as we have begun to start prepping for both our clients and our own Christmas parties and events. Christmas parties are an event that brings everyone’s loved ones together to celebrate the holidays and the blessings of the year and we truly love preparing for them. 

Christmas party planning

As Christmas is only a matter of weeks away we thought it would be good to give you a little insight into how we prepare for a Christmas party and let you know about some of our lovely partyware must-haves.

Mark the date

Its always important to choose the date of your party as early as possible to ensure you do not clash with anyone’s holiday plans and to ensure all of your loved ones can attend.

Create a guest list

Obviously writing a guest list will depend on the mood you are wanting to convey at your Christmas party. Do you prefer to invite just close friends and family? Or are you inviting co-workers too? Are you planning on asking your invitees to bring a plus one? Whatever your decision ensure your budget and venue can handle the number of people you decide to invite. 

Venue planning

Will your party take place at home or are you hosting your event at a restaurant or party venue? 

Invitation time

The earlier you send your invites, the better. Christmas can be a busy time for lots of people, especially those with younger children. 

Partyware must-haves:

Whether you are planning a party for fifty people or ten people it’s always a good idea to have a great range of partyware. We have to admit, the partyware and detail planning is most definitely our favourite part. Below are some of our favorites from this years Christmas collection.

Gold Pinecone Napkins

Christmas napkins

Our embellished pine pattern in shiny gold foil napkins are guaranteed to come in handy this Christmas. Whether it is because of a spillage or unexpected guests, napkins are always needed. 

Paper Cups and Plates

Christmas paper cups

Save on the washing! We have a range of cute paper cups and plates; silver stars, gold confetti or gold pines. 

Party Poppers

christmas party poppers

Choose from either gold or multi-coloured, our mini confetti pushers are a super fun way to mark a celebration and are simple and easy to use. 

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