All That Giltters Party Wear

One thing we really love about the ranges of party ware that we stock is the beautiful embellishments that really give it the wow factor and sets it apart from other party accessories that you can find. 

Gold leaf party cups

Take these beautiful cups for example. They are new in and have the most beautiful gold pine embellishment on the side. Definitely glamorous enough to fit into a wedding setting, should the need for paper cups arise. We love the fact that they feature the beautiful pine botanical print which is very on trend at the moment. 

A lot of the products that we stock have some kind of gold or glitter embellishment somewhere; whether it be the edging on the paper plates or the upper rim of the paper cups in our collections, they have been designed as party wear that stands out and makes an impact. 

This metallic detail also feeds through to the superhero party wear range too. With the holographic lightning flashes which feature on the party cups, plates, and even the napkins. 

Another favourite from our current range are these gold glitter embellished gift and party bags. The pack of party bags comes in multiple colours, but each has the consistent gold glitter edge at the top. 


If you want to take your gold detailing even further, we love this idea by Allie from Polly and Me who used her modern calligraphy skills to hand letter names on each party bag for her daughter's party. The gold pen she used for this works perfectly with this range of Liberty Flower print party ware by Meri Meri, as it has a gold seal sticker included in the party bag pack. 

Gold party bags

If you really want to add a sparkly finale to your celebration or party, you could try our new confetti push poppers. At first, we were a little dubious as to whether these would have the impact of a party popper, so we tested it out, and wow! They add an amazing wow factor element to a party and will certainly bring the sparkle to the celebration.